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Commercial Lease Review: Evaluation And Negotiation

Video Transcript

The commercial lease attorneys at Lanard and Associates understand how to carefully evaluate your lease, identify terms that should be revised, terms to remove and other terms that should be added. A review by the real estate broker or the franchisor will not substitute for a legal review by experienced lease attorneys. Make sure your interests are protected by securing independent review with your own attorney.

We will go through your commercial lease line by line and explain the terms in plain English. Every lease is unique and are ripe for substantial negotiations. Our attorneys will carefully evaluate your business needs and make sure that your lease terms align with your goals. We aim to protect your financial success for years to come and to negotiate the most tenant-friendly lease possible.Our flat fee for our services, coupled with our experience and dedication to being responsive to your needs, makes Lanard and Associates the “go-to” firm for your commercial lease review and negotiation.

Your Lease Agreement Can Make Or Break Your Business

Discovering the location for your business brings your business dreams one step closer to reality. Only sign a commercial lease once you have had an experienced attorney at Lanard and Associates review the terms and negotiate the agreement. A properly negotiated agreement could save you significant money in the years to come.

For experienced, tenacious representation, contact the leasing attorneys at Lanard and Associates. If you had a broker or franchisor review a lease, should you also retain an experienced tenant’s lease attorney? The answer is absolutely, yes! The broker will help negotiate the business terms (rent, term, square footage, etc.) and the franchisor typically is concerned with protecting its interests, not yours.

Your lease is most likely to be very landlord-oriented and probably requires that you personally guaranty rent (putting your home and investments at risk), in addition to providing you with little rights in other situations, such as sufficient notice upon default, proper calculation of operating expenses, and clearly defining lease terms and renewals and rent for those lease terms, etc. Let Nancy Lanard and the attorneys at Lanard and Associates, be your advocates to negotiate terms that can even out the playing field with the landlord. With our very reasonable flat fee, you will know upfront what your fee will be.

Leverage The Power Of Experienced Lease Negotiators

Our nationwide commercial lease attorneys have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you navigate the legalese. Let us help put you in a stronger position so your business can succeed. Issues such as what has been included in the additional pass-through rent, representations and warranties of the landlord, and limitations on the personal guaranty you will sign, are all key provisions that can be negotiated. Contact an experienced attorney at Lanard and Associates today for help negotiating your commercial lease. Call us at 215-392-0030. Visit our commercial lease FAQ page to learn more.