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Our Mission

Provide Exceptional Legal Services

At Luther Firm, our recipe is simple:

  • First, be the foremost experts in franchise law and legal issues that franchisees face.
  • Second, outwork and utilize cutting-edge legal technology to go toe-to-toe with any law firm or company.
  • Third, creativity is a hallmark of the firm. This means thinking of win-win solutions to make deals happen and pushing the envelope on legal theories and arguments to give our clients an edge in litigation. 

Combined, we believe we offer legal services to franchisees that rival any firm in the country and provide considerable value.

Craft Win-Win Solutions But Always Be Ready to Litigate

We know that franchisees are in long-term relationships with franchisors, and often the best strategy is to craft win-win solutions for all parties. Our experience in-house provides us an edge in these negotiations. Where possible, we help franchisees and franchisee associations resolve disputes without having to file a lawsuit. However, when a franchisor does not work in good faith to find a solution, we will use the legal system to accomplish the franchisees’ objectives. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Working on behalf of franchisees, we have obtained over $12 million in judgments and settlements.

Your Success is Our Success

We are passionate about representing franchisees because we believe franchising to be the American dream. It’s an opportunity for people to take a risk and build something for themselves and their families. But in starting any business, there can be obstacles on the way. We want to make sure you start in the right franchise system, a system built for your success. And if there are problems in your franchise relationship or with third parties, we want to help you navigate them so you can focus on building your business. We built this firm because we are passionate about your success, both defending and fueling it.