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Franchise Focus with Nancy Lanard

Franchise Focus sits down with Nancy Lanard to learn about her 25+ years in franchising.

Franchise Attorney Nancy Lanard sits down with Rick Bisio for The Educated Franchisee podcast

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Nancy sits down with Tariq Johnson to discuss the MUST KNOW legal items that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes!


How to Evaluate if a Franchise Investment is Right for YOU!

Nancy sits down with Rosalyn Brown of Your Wealth Guidance to discuss how to evaluate whether a Franchise investment opportunity is right for you.

Nancy’s Interview with Leslie Kuban on Retail Leases

How to Negotiate the Lease For Your Franchise Storefront or Office Space

Top Franchise Legal Players interviews Franchise Attorney Nancy Lanard

Nancy discusses how she got into franchising, what she loves about the industry and the biggest legal hurdles she sees facing the industry in 2022.

Franchise Interviews Continues Our Interview With Franchise Attorney Nancy L. Lanard

What is new in a Franchise Disclosure Document


Franchise Attorney Nancy Lanard Meets With Franchise Interviews

Why should you retain a franchise attorney

Nancy Lanard Interviewed By The Franchise Academy

What is the most common question you are asked by a prospective franchisee?

Franchise Attorney Nancy Lanard interviewed by International Franchise Professionals Group

What types of concerns should a franchisee have when opening a franchise business?


  • Overlooked Issues & Best Lessons
    Franchise Times Legal Eagle honoree Nancy Lanard is asked what issues are being overlooked in franchising and what are some of the best lessons she can share with the readers.

Printed copies of the audio are available upon request.

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