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Luther Firm, PC and Lanard & Associates, P.C. Merge to Create Nationwide Law Firm Servicing Franchisees

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Luther Firm, PC and Lanard & Associates, P.C. announced today that they have combined their practices.  The new firm will conduct business as “Luther Lanard, PC” going forward.  Luther Lanard is composed of eight experienced franchise attorneys as well as paralegals and staff serving franchisee clients nationwide from offices in California and Pennsylvania. 

“The franchise legal bar is a small one and over the years I have greatly admired Lanard & Associates, P.C.” stated Doug Luther, President of Luther Firm, PC.  “Speaking with Nancy Lanard, I realized that our firms were focused on the same objective – solving legal issues for franchisees.  Her firm, with decades of franchisee experience, shares in my philosophy of providing personalized attention to clients while implementing creative solutions to solve problems for franchisees.”

“I am very excited to merge my practice with Luther Firm, PC,” said Nancy Lanard.  “After years of representing franchisees in evaluating their franchise documents, setting up their business entities, representing them in reviewing and negotiating the leases for their business and resales of franchise businesses, the combined firm will result in the added benefit of being able to offer our franchisee clients experienced franchisee litigators who can help franchisees with their issues.  This added benefit only enhances our commitment to our clients. After months of discussing this opportunity with Doug Luther, President of Luther Firm, PC, I know that our mutual goals for the new firm and our philosophies in representing our clients blend well.  I am excited for this new chapter in both of our practices. I know it will add tremendous value to all of our clients and future clients.”

The attorneys at Lanard & Associates, P.C. have helped franchisees evaluate franchise opportunities before they invest, form their business entity, review and negotiate commercial leases for various franchise businesses and buy and sale existing franchises.  The attorneys at Luther Firm, PC, have helped franchisees resolve disputes whether through mediation, arbitration or litigation.  The new firm, Luther Lanard, PC, will service franchisees nationwide, helping clients with evaluating a franchise opportunity all the way to creating an exit strategy for the franchise, from transactional to dispute resolution (and everything in between). 

Luther Lanard looks forward to the opportunity to serve your franchise legal needs.

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Nancy Lanard
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